Social Media Manager

Vanessa is our Social Media manager that handles all of our scheduled posts across all platforms from YouTube + Instagram + Facebook + LinkedIn. Vanessa also manages our email campaigns. She is very tenacious and is very passionate about  her work.


Video Editor

If a picture has a thousand words, then a video has “Two” thousand. We are so pleased to add to DRM family, one of the best in Video illustration. Ikaros handles our video editing which includes video graphics, after effects, for all our platforms.


Graphic Designer

Moe is a graphic designer and owner of AyoMoe graphics LLC She believes in the freedon of creativity and expression through art and design, she believes that art speaks to its viewer and paints a story of things to come.  She has been a graphic designer 17 years and has done graphics for music artists, logos for businesses and designed and revamped websites for companies as well as many other projects. She had a unique way of seeing things and making art from a different perspective. Check out her portfolio here.  You can find her on InstagramFacebook.