If you're a singer/songwriter, an artist, or just the copyright owner, whenever your music is streamed, covered, played on Terrestrial or Internet Radio, performed in public, or even consumed on YouTube, Facebook, you are owed music royalties. 

In this course, you'll learn the ins and outs of this ever-changing music industry. Plus understanding how to collect your music royalties, even when you sleep.  Plain and simple, how to make money FOREVER!!

What you'll learn 

  • How to make money online with your music. 
  • The best Digital Distributors for your Single, EP, Album. 
  • Why you don't have to register your song before you perform or even distribute it. 
  • How to raise money for your Tours, EP, Album, Live Recording, etc. 
  • The difference between interactive and non-interactive streams. 
  • Every Live performance generates royalties (Learn How) 
  • What is a PRO? 
  • How to avoid Copyright strikes on Facebook and YouTube 
  • The difference between a Copyright Claim, and a Copyright Strike 
  • The job of a Music Publisher.